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Question:  What do you recommend for a trip to Los Angeles?  We will be visiting from Germany.

Answer:   Los Angeles is a super fun place. If this is the first
time you're going there are some places you can't miss. I will list
them below:

1. Go to Hollywood: You should really see the
Hollywood Walk of Stars. This is an amazing place and a great photo
opportunity. You can see the names/stars of Hollywood's biggest names.
There are hand prints int he cement, too. You will also want to check
out Madame Tussuad's Wax Museum and Grauman's Chinese Theater (all at
the Walk of Stars). The old Roosevelt Hotel is a good place to get a
drink... this is where the old stars used to hang out. Also, you can
drive up the hill to the Hollywood Sign - or at least look for it. Very

2. Amusement Parks: You don't want to go to Los Angeles
without seeing the two biggest amusement parks. Check out Disneyland
(its not just for kids) and is an iconic American place. You just have
to do it. Universal Studios is a lot of fun, too. Make sure you go on
the Studio Lot Tour (it is excellent and lots of fun).

Museums: You must go to the Getty Museums - my favorite is the Getty
Villa (very charming) but the most famous is the Getty Museum on the
hill overlooking Los Angeles. This has spectacular views and is not to
be missed. You can spend a full afternoon at each of these wonderful
museums. Check out LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). They have
wonderful exhibitions and good restaurants on site.

4. Venice
Beach: Venice Beach is fun and funky. The is an eclectic place with
terrific restaurants and shops. The beach is beautiful and this is
where body-builders and motorcyclists hang out. Its just cool and visit
to the Boardwalk and rent some bikes.

5. Santa Monica: You
will want to go to the famous Santa Monica Pier. It has rides (a super
Ferris Wheel) and lots of other games and has a "carnival atmosphere."
The beach is great, too. You can also take boat trips from the Santa
Monica area.

6. Rodeo Drive: You may not want to spend tons of
money but this is America's most iconic shopping street. It's just
entertaining. Stop at the Beverly Hills Wilshire Hotel (this is where
the film Pretty Woman was shot) and have lunch or a drink (coffee or
cocktail). The outside seating area is a great place to people watch or
see celebrities.

7. Another super famous (iconic) hotel is the
Chateau Marmont. It is where legends of film and music have hung-out
historically and still hang-out. This is a fun place to have a drink
and look for celebrities.

8. If you can get tickets - the Hollywood Bowl is a fabulous music venue.

Restaurants: There are a lot of wonderful restaurants but check out
the Rainbow Bar and Grill. This is on 9015 Sunset Strip near Beverly
Hills (a great place to drive and admire the spectacular houses). The
history of this place is too long to list, but definitely go and visit.
You won't be sorry.

10. The La Brea Tar Bits are very interesting and a great alternative to the "hype and glitz" of the city.

hope this helps! Thank you for the question and let me know
how your trip works out and what you think of my recommendations.

Question:  What do you recommend for adventure in Las Vegas?

Answer:  There are the obvious answers like drinking, eating and gambling.  Beyond the more decadent activities try the amazing rides offered at hotels like the Stratosphere  or New York, New York.  The shows are first-class in Vegas and you'll want to try to see at least one.  The comedy show are also top-notch.  Take in a little culture at one of the many exhibitions.  If you're a dare devil try the indoor or outdoor sky diving.  For girls who just want to have fun try pole dancing lessons.  See our Adventure of the Moment for Las Vegas and our Adventure Howl for even more suggestions.

Question:  I am a student who wants to travel around Europe.  What do you recommend?

Answer:  The best and most efficient way to see Europe is to purchase a Eurorail Pass.  Travel to dozens of countries in the safety and convenience of a train.  You can sleep on the train while you travel between countries and/or rest/regroup and plan what you want to see next.  I recommend having a plan of attack to see the countries.  Think out your schedule ahead of time and have a reservation where you're planning to stay.  I have been caught in countries without a reservation (an unable to get one) and spent the night sitting in a chair at a police station waiting for morning (a safe place if nothing else).  Get the pass with the most flexibility.  It will cost more upfront, but you'll be thankful you did in the end.  Have fun and send us a photo!

Question:  My girlfriend and I try to girl's weekend each year.  This year we were thinking
about something around the Tetons.  We usually go for 3-4 days in the summer and
try to do something active as well as fit in a little pampering.  Any
suggestions for that area?  Thanks.

Answer:  The Tetons, and the general area, is very exciting.  You will only be limited by time, imagination and budget.  Rafting (kayaking and canoeing) on the Snake River is one of the best experiences in the world.  There are over night options that may make the experience feel more complete.  Explore great horseback riding options with cowboy dinners (Chuckwagon Dinners) and a taste of the 'Wild West.'  If it is within your budget you may want to try something new and exciting, such as, ballooning or paragliding.  For a more modest option just head to the Grand Tetons National Park and explore and hike some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.  Or rent a bike and cycle around the expansive Park. Whatever you do, if possible, plan in advance (as in book now).  This is a popular area and tourists from all over the world will be visiting.  For a little pampering check out the new White Buffalo Club (  You can book day services or stay at their hotel and get a package deal.  Maybe a couple of days of outdoor activities followed by a day of relaxation and delicious food will make your girls getaway one to celebrate and remember.

Question: Where can you vacation in the US to get the most European feeling?

Answer:  The most typical and most popular answer is Boston.  It is one of the oldest cities in the country and has that 'old world' feel.  Other cities that come to mind are New Orleans and for the West Coast San Francisco.  Adventure Woman also suggests St. Augustine, Florida.  This is the oldest city in the USA and has small walkways and cute courtyards.  The restaurants are great and you're right on the Ocean.  You can always go to Vegas for something faux European.  The Venetian Hotel and others do a great (but sometimes cheesy) imitation.

Question: What is the Elvis Presley Celebration?

Answer:  It is a series of celebrations that take place at Graceland Mansion (the home of Elvis).  The celebration usually runs three days and includes the King's birthday on January 8.

Question:  Does Amelia Earhart have her own day on the calendar?

Answer:  Yes, on January 11.  On January 12, 1935, the female aviator landed in Oakland, California, completing her flight from Hawaii.  She is the first person (man or woman) to fly solo from Hawaii to the US Mainland.  Her trip was 17 hours and 7 minutes (she left on January 11).

Question:  What are the best winter festivals?

Answer:  The most prominent festivals in the winter season include four big names:  Harpin Snow and Ice Festival in Harpin, China; Quebec Winter Carnival in Canada; The Sapporo Festival in Japan, and the Norway Ski Festival.

Question:   I am thinking of going to London for the holidays.  What do you recommend?

Answer:  I would go to Oxford Street for the wonderful holiday lights and great window displays (shopping, too).  I would make a trip to the West End Theater District (take the Tube) and see the newest display of lights fashioned after Disney’s adaptation of Charles Dickens’s, A Christmas Carole.   Harrods Department store has a great Christmas Grotto for kids (you can make reservations in advance) and the store is really decked out in ‘holiday fabulousness.’  Don’t forget a trip on the London Eye (the massive Ferris Wheel).  If you are with a group of people you can reserve a capsule and have a mini-party over sparkling London.  Hyde Park has an ice skating rink, and for a bit of history visit the Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square.  It is given to England every year (since 1947) by Norway to commemorate their help in WWII.  There are carolers every evening (5-9) until December 20th.  Have fun!

Question:  Where do you suggest going for New Years Eve?
  My first choice is Paris.  Not only is it exciting and bursting with the holiday spirit (the Eiffel Tower twinkles every ten minutes on the hour) but the Parisians really know how to have a good time.  Book a dinner at a club that offers a set menu (usually 5-7 courses), and dancing afterward.  Most clubs stay open until 5 AM – just in time to catch a delicious breakfast before collapsing on New Years day.

Question:  What can you tell me about the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Plaza in New York City?
   This year the tree lighting ceremony was on December 2.  The tree will stay up until January 7th.  Five miles of white Christmas lights cover the tree with a bright star on top.  The tree is recycled after it comes down.  Three tons of mulch goes to the Boy Scouts and the largest part of the trunk is donated to the US Equestrian Team for jumping poles.

Dear Adventure Woman,

I have always wanted to go on a cruise. Recently I found a great deal on a short cruise (one week) this summer, but the man I'm seeing can't get off work to travel with me. I have my own money saved for the trip, and the cruise prices are better than ever this year. Unfortunately, I don't have any friends who can travel with me, and I am nervous to go alone. Further, my significant other says I am being 'selfish' by traveling without him. What do you think?
- Land locked in Wisconsin

Dear Land Locked in Wisconsin,
Never give up an opportunity to travel the world if you can afford it. Going on a trip alone gives you time to read, reflect and explore on your own terms. If you are looking for companionship there will be plenty of people to meet onboard the ship. In fact, some ships even have special programs and activities for people traveling solo. Book a dinner table with other people and you will soon discover a wealth of friends. As for your boyfriend, if he won't support your dreams, then he is the one who is being selfish; not you.

Dear Adventure Woman,

I was invited by a friend on a very expensive trip to celebrate her 50th birthday in Acapulco (as her paid-for guest). While we were in Mexico we traveled with a private tour guide every day and ate at her choice of restaurants every night. Often, she ordered very expensive bottles of champagne ($200) and wine ($100) which I enjoyed but assumed were part of her generous birthday celebration. A month after I returned home from our trip she sent me a bill for $865.00 (the other two women on the trip received the bill, as well). I can neither afford to pay the bill nor am I willing to pay the bill after she explicitly stated it was her 'treat.' I don't want to loose her friendship, but this is completely unfair.
- Upset in California

Dear Upset in California,

Write your friend a letter and explain your understanding of the trip. Explain you understood you were her 'guest' and that you would not be responsible for the mounting expenses. Let her know you had a wonderful time celebrating 'her birthday' but you are unable and unwilling to pay the bill. Lastly, tell her you value her friendship and thank her for her generosity.

Dear Adventure Woman,

I travel at least four times a year to various destinations around the world. I save year around (when I'm not traveling) to afford my adventures. All of my friends and relatives have come to 'expect' postcards and souvenirs while I'm traveling. Admittedly, I enjoy sending cards and bringing home special gifts for the people I love, but the regular 'expectation' has become expensive and burdensome. Most of the time I don't' receive even a 'thank you' note for my overtures, and shopping for everyone on 'my list' has turned into a time-consuming 'duty' and not a 'pleasure.'
- Overwhelmed in Scotland

Dear Overwhelmed in Scotland,

Send a letter to everyone on your 'list' before you leave on your next trip explaining that in lieu of postcards and presents you will be hosting a 'potluck celebration' of your trip upon your return home. Ask everyone to bring their favorite dish and then give them a lengthy photo presentation of your travels. There will be few subsequent demands on your travel time and budget.