Ava Aviatrix is the alias for Adventure Woman. She is the ‘go to’ gal for world-wide fun, excitement and adventure. Ava is fearless, strong, independent and intelligent. As Adventure Woman she is a purely fictional character but embodies the very real voice you hear when you want to try something new, go somewhere different, or challenge yourself to do something Bigger, Bolder and Better.

Ava is the adventurer in each of us telling not to dare to dream, but to Dream to Dare. She represents the nagging impulse urging us to live out our dreams; whether it is to achieve a coveted personal goal, explore a remote city or take on a compelling yet frightening adventure.

Ava knows time flies faster than a speeding bullet; the only direction you can’t travel is backwards, and the furthest place on Earth is yesterday. Her advice? Decide what you really want, do your homework and go after it. Ava states, “Don’t wait until tomorrow --because tomorrow never comes. Carpe Diem (seize the day). Dream, Explore, Conquer!”

Of course Ava can swim the English Channel, circumnavigate the globe in her sailboat, fly into space, and climb Mt. Everest. She can scuba-dive, sky-dive, run a 10K or finish an ultra marathon. Because as Adventure Woman, Ava can do anything, and be anyone she believes she can be. She is unflappable and unstoppable.

To Ava, adventure is not about age, but about attitude. She subscribes to the good ol’ wild west ‘kick-ass’ viewpoint of deciding what you really want in life and going after it with passion, persistence and determination. At Basecamp the pseudonym for Adventure Woman is ‘Ava Aviatrix.’ But the spirit of ‘Adventure Woman’ breathes in every woman under her own name. Ava exemplifies the force asking each of us to live our life, not only with courage and heart, but most of all, with adventure.

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