We’d like to you to meet Beth Walz, our Basecamp Manager. As Basecamp Manager, Beth gets the Outpost moving and grooving, and keeps the Green Canteen Club buzzing. She works the register at the General Store and helps Adventure Woman and Trix keep their schedules coordinated. She also oversees the action-packed Adventure Woman Calendar.

You might meet Beth at the Watering Hole talking to Trix about the current Fishing Tips or the newest Adventure Interview. She always has a pertinent question or two to Ask Adventure Woman, as well. Alternatively, she might be at the Hitching Post checking out the Travel Photos or the Adventure Art. Beth always has an opinion on everything she so you might catch her at Post Your Opinion.

The Adventure Express is a favorite hang out of Beth’s. She loves to Meet a Real Adventure Woman or catch the Breaking News. After a long day of cleaning the horse stalls or packing adventure gear Beth loves to Retreat to Real Relaxation (it’s hard to get her out of this area). But she’s a ‘game gal’ and always happy to Greet a Real Destination or talk your ear off over Adventure Tips (and you know what a free tip is worth!).

There is nothing Beth loves more than a good adventure; so please, Share your Adventure with her, and not surprisingly, her favorite reading is Notes From the Trail. As a self-diagnosed Adventure Addict, Beth has traveled all seven continents and received her Ph.D. in ‘Global Recess’ from Adventure Woman University. As a consequence she often talks in Adventurisms. If you’re talking in Adventurisms and suspect you’re an Adventure Addict -- take our Quiz.

Beth hails from the World’s Favorite Midwest Town, South Elgin, Illinois; where her parents considered her a child prodigy when she was able to ride her two-wheel bicycle at three-years-old. Beth still proudly rides a two-wheel bicycle around Basecamp, although no one (other than her parents) is still impressed.

The Basecamp Manager can be reached at Basecamp@Adventurewoman.com