For the Military Sales Professional

By Suezy Proctor

If you are a businesswoman or sales professional you'll want to get your hands on a copy of this book as soon as yesterday. Marching Orders, For the Military Sales Professional by Suezy Proctor* is a no-nonsense handbook on sales, marketing, schmoozing, and is your 'go to' handbook on how to become a highly successful business professional in an increasingly competitive world. Although the book is written for the military professional its application is universal. Simply put, Suezy has the experience, wisdom and leadership savvy to lead the sales novice (or seasoned troops) to victory.

The book is divided into seven easily digestible chapters. Her message is clear and concise and doesn't bog-down the reader with extraneous and needless filler. Basically, she tells you straight-out what you need to know and I admire that in a book. To its credit, Marching Orders, is filled with easy to use strategic bullet points, valuable lists and helpful resources. One of the most useful aspects of the book is the chapter summaries entitled, Your Marching Orders. This is an overview of the 'golden nuggets' you were to glean from each individual section of the book. Suezy tells you what you need to do, how to do it, and then reinforces the major points once again, just to drive them home.

One of my favorite chapters in Marching Orders is Chapter 5, entitled, The Schmooze Factor. In this chapter on social connecting, Suezy gives the reader advice on communicating effectively and comfortably. It includes useful resource books, thoughtfully delineates the differences between introverts and extroverts, and breaks down the fundamentals of networking into five areas: Prepare, Never Leave Home Without Your Business cards, Listen, Share, and Be Yourself. Suezy discusses her own battle with overcoming shyness but is unambiguous on the need for any triumphant salesperson to become bold. Building on your strengths is a key concept in Marching Orders.

Although Suezy is not a military veteran (read the story at the foreword to the book), she is certainly a road warrior who knows her stuff. She will show you how to avoid pitfalls, discover opportunities and take the necessary steps toward success. The book is reputed to be as 'essential as your suitcase' for the traveling sales professional and Adventure Woman couldn't agree more. Does Suezy Proctor have our attention? As she states, in the book, "That would be a 'Roger, Ma'am.'"

*See, our Adventure Interview with Suezy Proctor.