A Midwest girl, born in the small village of South Elgin, Illinois; Beth Walz believes in living life large. As a three-year-old toddler, Beth was riding her first two-wheel bicycle; by thirty-years, she had traveled all seven continents; backpacking through Europe, hitch-hiking Australia, studying law in Asia, cruising around Antarctica, camping on safari in Africa, driving across North America, and exploring South America.

Beth feels the best remedy for any ailment is adventure and travel. She has a passion for globe-trotting, and a child-like fascination and curiosity for the world’s cornucopia of wonders. To Beth, life is not meant to be a spectator sport, but an active adventure of exploration and challenges, coupled with the thrill of seizing life’s bottomless bounty of fun and excitement. She hopes AdventureWoman.com reflects this ethos.

Beth aspires to inspire and motivate with AdventureWoman.com; encouraging independent and powerful women and girls. At the same time, she wants to educate by illuminating the extraordinary history of adventurous, courageous and groundbreaking women who are often overlooked in education’s curriculum. Additionally, she hopes AdventureWoman.com will celebrate the amazing women who are currently, ‘bolding going where no woman has gone before.’

Beth believes you do not have to climb Mt. Everest to be an Adventure Woman. She advocates taking one extra adventurous step every day, and patting yourself on the back! “Visit the next museum, stop at the National Park, put a raft in the river, your toe in the ocean. Make the effort!”

Quoting Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, at the end of a long journey Beth still feels, “there’s no place like home.” So, regardless of whether you ‘click together’ your waders, sneakers, crampons, spurs or stilettos, Beth wishes you a safe and magical return from your next adventure. And, please post us a note and/or photo about your latest conquests and exploits. AdventureWoman.com wants to hear from you!