Triple A rates hotels throughout the country and beyond. A Triple A rating will give you a standard from which to judge a hotel, and a discount if you are a member.
The 'best lists' of everything can be found here in the depths of their adventure archives.
More information on choosing your special hide-a-way. The web site gives you information and reviews on hundreds of properties. As always, know before you go.
Need information on where to stay or eat? Give trip advisor a whirl.
Looking for a room with a view? Check out this site for the best rooms at a specified hotel.
Nothing is more serene than a well-advised Adventure Woman. Know the best suites and the noisiest rooms. Be aware of the floors to avoid and the views to request. This site will give you information on hotels across the USA, and is slowly expanding to cover hotels worldwide.
This web site is an Adventure Woman favorite! Whether you want to sleep inside a beagle dog, an igloo, a wigwam, underwater or in a tree house; there is something wonderful for everyone. It's just a lot of fun to view the endless possibilities!