Angels in the Wilderness. By Amy Racina.
A beautifully written account of hiker, Amy Racina, plummeting sixty feet into the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range of Northern California during a solo trek. This is an amazing true story of survival, determination, and the will to live against the odds. A great read.

Arctic Daughter, A Wilderness Journey. By Jean Aspen.
Aspen journeys to the Arctic Circle and lives an adventurous life in the wilderness. The author transports the reader to an authentic and dangerous existence in the wild. The book hums with the true spirit of adventure and unknown. While the book is out-of-print, used copies are not hard to locate.

Down The Nile, Alone in a Fisherman's Skiff. By Rosemary Mahoney.
A riveting account of an adventure woman who rows her seven- foot rowboat solo down the Nile River in Egypt. She encounters prejudice, friends, crocodiles and connections to the past. Jump in her boat and enjoy the 120 miles of excitement and fun.

Eat, Love, Pray. By Elizabeth Gilbert.
After a bitter divorce and her thirtieth birthday, Elizabeth Gilbert sets off on a year-long journey of self-discovery; visiting Italy, India and Indonesia. A funny and poignant memoir, as well as, a national bestseller, this is a candid and eloquent story worth reading.

Explorers of the Infinite. By Maria Coffey
The book discusses mystical and paranormal experiences of adventure athletes who are extreme risk takers. Interesting look into extrasensory experiences of true adventure seekers.

The Girl From Foreign, A Search for Shipwrecked Ancestors, Forgotten Histories, and a Sense of Hope. By Sadia Shepard.
A girl from Massachusetts makes a promise on her grandmother's deathbed to understand and investigate her family heritage. Shepard packs her bags and goes to Bombay, India, on an expedition of discovery in search of a lost homeland.

Gorillas in the Mist. Dian Fossey.
Dr. Fossey lived among the Mountain Gorillas "the gentle giants" in the Virunga Mountains in the Ruhengeri Province. Her experience is told in her well-written and highly acclaimed book. The book sheds light on the intelligence and emotional relationships of mountain gorillas, and on the disturbing practice of poaching. Unfortunately, Dr. Fossey was murdered while fulfilling her calling, but she remains one of the great adventure women of our time and her book is a tribute to her work and life.

Ice Bound. By Jerri Nielsen.
The amazing story of a forty-six-year-old doctor who discovers she has breast cancer while on sabbatical at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. Among other courageous feats, she performed a biopsy on herself, and began chemotherapy treatments until she could be rescued. A dramatic true story of bravery in the face of adversity.

Icebound Summer. By Sally Carrighar.
Carrighar is a prolific writer of wildlife. After spending a summer season in the arctic she writes a beautiful account of her experience observing arctic animals (seals, foxes, walrus, whales, loons, to name a few). Each chapter focuses on a particular animal. This true-story is a terrific read for adventure women who love animals and wildlife.

North to the Orient. Anne Morrow Lindbergh.
A well-written classic about travel and aviation by adventure woman, Anne Morrow Lindbergh. The true story of Lindbergh's 7,100 mile flight with her husband, Charles; in the aftermath of their son's kidnapping and murder is courageous, compelling and poignant.

Notes From My Travels. Angelina Jolie.
Jolie departs from the glamorous and delves into the serious as she travels to Africa, Cambodia, Pakistan and Ecuador to help refugees. An illuminating call for international awareness and help.

On Top of the World, Five Women Explorers in Tibet. By Luree Miller.
Five adventure women (three British, one French and one American) create a true tale of adventure and exploration in Tibet. These astonishing women break cultural boundaries and exhibit a spirit for the unknown that is sure to inspire any reader.

Three Among the Wolves: A couple and Their Dog Live a Year with Wolves in the Wild. By Helen Thayer.
Read what it is like to literally run with wolves. The Thayers spend a year successfully befriending a pack of wild wolves. This true-life adventure story is a fascinating account of an unimaginable existence.

Ordinary Women. By Sue Carter.
A group of unlikely and ordinary (if there is such a thing?) women take on the artic. Interesting portraits of each participant make the exploration personable and engaging. A great book for an adventure woman readers group; proving nothing is ever impossible to those that believe.

Polar Dream, The Heroic Saga of the First Solo Journey by a Woman and Her Dog to the Pole. By Helen Thayer.
In 1988, Helen Thayer, a fifty-year-old woman accompanied by her dog, Charlie, became the first woman to ski solo to the North Pole. Her book is an account of her experience and the obstacles she had to overcome to achieve it; ranging from outside discouragement to lurking hungry polar bears. The book is a tribute to the joint bravery of a woman and her dog.

Rowing to Latitude. By Jill Fredston.
A memoir of Fredston's extraordinary explorations of Alaska, Canada, Norway and Greenland by rowboat. She shares her unconventional life of adventure and risk in a uniquely interesting book.

Snowstorm, In the Grip of the Avalanches. By Jill Fredston.
Detailing the wild work of Jill Fredston, Snowstorm, is a fascinating narrative of avalanches and what lies in their wake. Full of drama and heart-breaking human stories; Snowstorm will leave you with goose-bumps.

Terra incognita. By Sara Wheeler.
Wheeler combines personal experience with history to give flavor to this well-researched book on Antarctica. She spends seven months in Antarctica as a Writer-in-Residence with the US National Science Foundation in 1995 to understand conditions and life on the coldest continent in the world. A Brit travel writer, she shows her humorous, light-hearted side when visiting the different Antarctic stations.

To the Poles (without a Beard). By Catharine Hartley.
A woman realizes her dreams by walking to both the South and North Poles. Determined and brave, Hartley makes it to the poles without the aid of dogs or a snowmobile. This is a story of introspection and self-realization told by a woman who set a high goal for herself and achieved it. Inspiring, the book is a good read.

Walking the Gobi: 1600 Mile-Trek Across a Desert of Hope and Despair. By Helen Thayer.
Walking 1600 miles across Mongolia's Gobi Desert fulfilled a lifelong dream for 63-year-old Helen Thayer. She battled scorpions, sandstorms and 126 degree heat to achieve her goal. An inspiring read for anyone who thinks a dream isn't possible.

Without Reservations. By Alice Steinbach.
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Alice Steinbach writes of her travels across Europe as she discovers herself and the wonder of adventure. An inner and outer journey of a woman confronting risk and revelation in her life.