A Mile in Her Boots, Women Who Work in the Wild. Edited by Jennifer Bove.'
Read about 28 professional adventure women who work in the great outdoors. These are gutsy women who work as smoke jumpers, park rangers, scientists and pilots. From the Alabama swamps to the cold Alaska waters these women do and dare daily.

A Woman's World, True Stories of World Travel. By Gretel Ehrlich, Helen Thayer, Mary Morris, Barnara Grizzuti Harrison, Robyn Davidson, and many more….
A great collection of stories authored by more than fifty adventure women. True accounts that will inspire, motivate and propel the reader into exotic and distant places. A National Bestseller and winner of the Best Travel Book (Lowell Thomas Award).

Adventurous Women: Eight True Stories about Women Who Made a Difference. By Penny Coleman.
The book examines the lives of eight bold and intelligent women who followed their dreams and passions with determination and courage. Informative and well-written.

How High Can We Climb? The Story of Women Explorers. By Jeannine Atkins.
A dozen adventure women are profiled in Atkin's entertaining book. Their stories are real and exciting; spanning 240 years, and accumulated from around the globe. The women are pioneers who face danger and risk with fearlessness and bravery.

I Should Have Stayed Home, The Worst Trips of Great Writers. Edited by Marguerita Castanera & Roger Rapport.
A book of 51 misadventures told by writers, journalists and novelists. A fun and funny book to read (especially soothing if you think you just missed out on a particularly great trip).

Living With Cannibals and Other Women's Adventures. By Michele Slung.
An exciting collection of courageous adventure women doing adventurous and daring deeds; the book chronicles the lives of sixteen fearless women living great lives from the 1800s onward.

Savage Summit. The Life and Death of the First Women of K2. By Jennifer Jordan.
An amazing account of the dangers of climbing K2. Fewer women have attempted K2 than Mt. Everest, and only one woman is still alive who has successfully made the journey up and down the mountain. Intriguing and sobering; a look at real adventure woman facing danger with bravery and ability.

They Went Whistling. Women Wayfarers, Warriors, Runaways, and Renegades. By Barbara Holland
A collection of irrepressible and intriguing adventure women and their exciting exploits. From Cleopatra to Bonnie Parker these women are independent and determined. Beautifully written.

Victorian Lady Travellers. By Dorothy Middleton.
This is the true story of seven adventure women (English and American) who live extraordinary lives. Meet interesting women who live in the jungle, establish leper colonies, and scale the Himalayas (to name a few marvels).

Women in the Antarctic. By Esther Rothblum.
Read the stories of 36 women who braved the Antarctic to chisel their niche in history. Ranging from scientists to psychologists, these adventure women were undaunted in their quest for discovering the world's most challenging and forbidding reign.

Women of Discovery. By Milbry Polk Mary Tiegreen.
The well-researched book is a very welcome addition to adventure woman literature. The book is a celebration of the many intrepid women who have courageously explored the globe. The authors profile 82 women who are famous and infamous, but all are worthy to be mentioned and admired for their bravery and fortitude; a great resource book or a terrific gift sure to inspire.

Women Explorers (Women Who Dare). By Sharon M. Hannon.
Hannon chronicles the achievements of adventure women who have conquered the globe with charm and courage; overcoming prejudice and hardships. Historical photographs accompany this motivating book of inspiring women.

Women of the Four Winds, The Adventures of Four of
America's First Women Explorers.
By Elizabeth Fagg Olds.
The book chronicles the lives of four notable and impressive adventure women. You meet Annie Smith Peck (climber), Delia J. Akeley (African exploits), Marguerite Harrison (jailed as a spy in Russia) and Louise Arner Boyd (Greenland explorer). Read about danger, determination, risks and success against heavy odds.
Women Travelers: A Century of Trailblazing Adventures 1850-1950. By Alexandra Lapierre.
The book depicts thirty-one of the greatest adventure women in history. Whether facing jungles, mountains, icebergs, deserts or outright danger; these women showed stamina and strength in achieving their dreams of adventure and conquest.