Rowing the Atlantic

Roz Savage chronicled her life transformation and daring adventure in her book, Rowing the Atlantic.  After writing her own obituary she realizes her life is not what she wanted it to be.  Unlike many she embarks on a dramatic and daring change. She leaves an impressive career and stable home life to because a serious adventurer and trials 3,000 miles by sea.  A must read by a REAL Adventure Woman.


Operation Beautiful

Operation Beautiful: Transforming the Way You See Yourself One Post-it Note at a Time is one woman’s attempt to change the way we look at ourselves.  Real Adventure Woman Caitlin Boyle started an international movement to increase self-esteem and self-awareness by posting kind and empowering notes in random public places and the project took hold.  This book is about the Post-its and increasing self-confidence.


Great Heart Break

Two strangers agree to travel across Africa together for seven months. He, an American wildlife photographer. She, a Spanish zoologist. Both write their own side of the story. Both agree to never look at what the other has written. Only one person knows the whole story. You.

One Winterís Story

The film chronicles the inspiring journey of big-wave pioneer and scientist, Sarah Gerhardt.  Sarah is an unlikely world-class surfer and pioneer.  But it is her unpredictable rise to surf stardom that makes this hour long documentary so fascinating.  Created , in part, by REAL Adventure Woman, Elizabeth Pepin.


Coastal Clash

Who does this priceless coastline belong to?  Wealthy individuals or the general public?  This is the provocative and important question that this documentary explores. This 56 minute documentary by directors (and REAL Adventure Woman) Elizabeth Pepin and Steve Welch weigh the delicate balance between America’s strongly held private property rights and the more altruistic public access rights.


The Day My Soul Cried

The Day My Soul Cried is a raw, soulful memoir filled with the trials and tribulations of Yvonne Pierre.   By the time she reaches adulthood Yvonne has experienced more pain and suffering than most people accumulate in a lifetime. However, the beauty of the story, and Yvonne herself, is her invincible spirit.  Just when you think she has been knocked out by life she unexpectedly bounces back.  Reviewed on the Armchair Adventurer.


Be The Lead Dog

Be The Lead Dog – 7 Life-Changing Lessons Taught By Sled Dogs, takes the unique communication between dogs and humans and cleverly translates it to basic life skills for everyday success.  Whether you want to excel as a business leader, a parent or a person this practical, no-nonsense guide will challenge and persuade you to be better than you are today by implementing seven straight-forward character traits.  Reviewed on the Armchair Adventurer.