Bartender: $1 -$2 per drink or 15% - 20% of the bill.

Coat Check:
$1 - $2 per item.

Depends on the amount of usage and level of difficulty in the request; $5 per day to $20 per occurrence.

Hair dresser:
15% - 20%

$2 - $5 per day (tip daily).

$5 or $1 - $2 per bag.

Room Service:
Question whether the extra 15% (or more) added to your bill is a ‘service charge’ or a ‘gratuity.’ Ask the front desk or your wait person if they will receive a personal gratuity for their services. Consider adding a bit of cash to your room service bill if the charge goes directly to the hotel and not to the individual.

Spa Services:
15% - 20%

Taxi Driver:
15% - 20%

Valet Parking:
Only tip on the collection of your car. $2 - $5

18% - 20% of the bill before tax.Foreign Countries:
Tip customs vary from country to country. However, Europe is very similar to the United States with Mexico, the Bahamas and the Middle East being slightly less. Asia is even less still with Japan requiring little to no tipping. Similarly, Australia and New Zealand require tipping only for unusually outstanding service.