"Celebrating Sixty on a Zip Line in Costa Rica"

          Theresa Coscia

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she just KNOWS that something has to change.  For me, it was ending a 24 year marriage and moving on to what I called “Living, Laughing, and Loving”, things that had been sorely lacking in my life.

So it only made sense that for my 60th birthday, I should do all of those things with some women who mean so much to me; my sister, my oldest and dearest friend, and a woman with whom I’ve shared so much of my life and hers – including being Godmother to her oldest daughter;  Kathy, Ardith, and Ruth, respectively.

Plans began to form and a destination was chosen – Costa Rica.  Ruth is a world traveler and that was one place she hadn’t yet been, so that clinched it!

I wanted the trip to be a celebration of these fabulous women and the love and support we’ve offered each other, but I also wanted it to be UNFORGETTABLE!  Nothing but the best for these ladies!  A fabulous Villa was rented with a view of the Papagayo Bay, a full staff, and unlimited possibilities for us to choose from.  Air travel was arranged for us to all meet in San Francisco and begin our journey from there together.

Unfortunately, at the eleventh hour, Ardith’s husband required some surgery and she had to back out.  Lucky for us, Ruth’s sister, Truely, volunteered to take her place.  A novel could be written about the twists and turns THAT decision caused……….all wonderful!

Arriving in Costa Rica after an overnight flight might have made the faint of heart head straight for a nap – not these gals!  Cocktails and enjoying the view from our “home” as a gentle rain welcomed us to Villa Lapa was only the beginning!  Two lovely women arrived to give us all massages and the adventure began……….from there, it was a week of near non-stop celebrating – not just my birthday (which we did daily), but the beach, the fabulous country side viewed from a multitude of zip lines, the mud baths and water slides, the small town where pottery is made from volcanic ash, the Butterfly Gardens, and the never-to-be-forgotten official birthday dinner party at the Four Seasons Resort, hosted by these lovely ladies!

While the week didn’t seem to fly by as some vacations do, it nevertheless did come to an end, leaving us each with a full heart, a yearning for another adventure, and the lasting memories of a magical time in a breath-taking country.