Trix is the side-kick every Adventure Woman would like to have by her side. A competent and organized partner who will make you laugh at yourself when you’re up, and lift your spirits when you’re down. Trix has the ‘411’ on adventure and travel and is always willing share her ‘alligator wisdom’… and is there a better kind of wisdom?

With her three-foot mouth (she hates being called a ‘big mouth’), Trix is naturally gregarious and enjoys always ‘chatting-up’ everyone she meets. No wonder she does such a great job finding fascinating women for Trix’s Adventure Interview.
Trix is a travel junkie but is ‘no one’s fool’ when it come to her money. She runs a tight ship (she is: Captain of her ship and master of her fate) and keeps the Adventure Woman books in an ongoing effort to stay on budget. Trix knows when and where to separate with her cash and is happy to share her straight-forward tipping advice on Trix’s Tipping Tips.

One of Trix’s favorite adventures is fishing. She is an avid fisherwoman and loves the grace of casting a line and the excitement of a great catch. You’ll find her fly fishing in the local rivers, bobber fishing in a nearby lake or out on her boat, the ‘Giddy Gator,’ deep-sea fishing. As you can imagine, her tackle box is a treasure trove of amazing lures, lines, weights and bobbers. Check out Trix’s Fishing Tips if you’re looking for a little help or just a lot of fun.

As Adventure Woman’s ‘Best Friend’ she is always concerned about every other woman’s ‘Best Friend’ and that friend is often her pet. Before leaving home on your next adventure with your ‘Best Friend’ check out Trix’s Traveling with Pets Tips. And don’t forget to get a second opinion from your local vet.

If you know someone Trix should interview or if you have a great fishing photo you’d like to share… send it to